Hawaiian Words and their Meanings

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What is so special about Hawaii?

You can find clues in the Hawaiian Language. I'm not sure I can explain it perfectly but here we go....

Truly there is something magical about Hawaii. It's easy to find when you listen to the poetic Hawaiian language and learn a few of the words and their meanings.

Aloha is definitely part of it. It is a beautiful word that can mean: welcome, hello, love, peace, I will miss you-goodbye. And that's just a few meanings. It's a feeling and an emotion.

Pono is another poetic word that can mean respect, honor, pride, righteousness, morality, and confidence.

Aina is the Hawaiian word for land.

A common phrase is...Respect the Aina. Live Pono. Respect your land/home. Live with honesty.

I love this bumper sticker...

Hawaii Pono hawaiizen

Today the Hawaiian culture is alive and well. Traditions of song, hula, and history are celebrated throughout the islands and have spread around the world.

The Aloha Spirit welcomes everyone to experience it's magic and power of overwhelming love and peace. It lives in the residents that call these islands home.

Of course not everyone is perfect all the time. Even us lucky residents can get caught up in the day to day life of work and life's dramas. But it doesn't take long for the Aloha Spirit to take us over.

I see the Aloha Spirit in every kind smile, every friendly greeting, and every time a patient Hawaii driver let's another driver merge into their lane.

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To our visitors to Hawaii, I'm sorry if you don't find this magic of Hawaii in many of our historical museums, shops, or restaurants. You really have to slow down and meet the wonderful Kama'ainas (local residents) that live here. We all know how lucky we are to call Hawaii home and are always willing to share Aloha with you.

Mahalo (thank you).

Live! Love! Pono! Aloha! Zen!

Hawaiian Alphabet

The entire Hawaiian language is made up of five vowels a,e,i,o and u, and seven consonants h,k,l,m,n,p and w. W is sometimes pronounced as V. An example would be the correct pronunciation of Hawaii as Ha-va-ee rather than ha-wa-ee. Consonants are followed by vowels and each word ends with a vowel.

Popular Phrases in Hawaiian

Hello, Goodbye, Love Aloha

Good Morning Aloha kakahiaka

Good Afternoon Aloha auinala

Good Evening Aloha ahiahi

Goodbye and Farewell Aloha 'oe

Until we meet again A hui hou kakou

Welcome E komo mai

Come and eat Mai e 'ai

Celebration, party Ho'olaule'a

Good Luck Pomaika'i

Congratulations Ho'omaika'i 'ana

No problem A'ole pilikia

The Best No ka oi

One More Time Hana Hou

Thank you Mahalo

Thank you very much Mahalo nui loa

I love you Aloha au la 'oe

All my love Aloha nui loa

Sweetheart Ku'uipo

My beloved Ku'u lei

Kiss honi

Pregnant Hapai

Family Ohana

Woman Wahine

Man Kane

Children Keiki or Kamali'i

Grandparents Kupuna

Hawaiian royalty Ali'i

Priest Kahuna

Teacher Kumu

Cowboy Paniolo

Fisherman Lawai'a

Land 'Aina

toward the mountains, inland Mauka

Ocean Kai

toward the ocean Makai

Smart Akamai

Think Mana'o

Spirtual Power Mana

Hawaii's mythical little guardians Menehune

Caucasian, foreingner Haole

Newcomer, visitor Malihini

Feast Lu'au

Song, sing Mele

Porch, veranda Lanai

Hawaii state fish Humuhumunukunukuapua'a

The traditional dance of Hawaii Hula

Ancient hula Kahiko

Modern hula Auwana

Happy Birthday Hau'oli la Hanau

Happy Holidays Hau'oli Lanui

Happy Thanksgiving Hau'oli La Ho'omakika'i

Merry Christmas Mele Kalikimaka

Happy New Year Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

I hope you have fun practicing some Hawaiian phrases. Now that you are familiar with words like Wahine and Kane, you will be able to find the right door on the bathroom when you visit. Please share these Hawaiian language phrases and words with your friends and ohana. Help spread a little Aloha in your day everyday.

It will make everyone smile, especially you. The world needs more smiles.

Love and Aloha,Mai

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